"When I take my family to Dr. Allen, I am confident that the problem will be accurately diagnosed, intuitively, thoroughly and gently treated, and have the most optimal results.  Dr. Allen is a treasure to my family's health and we appreciate him dearly." —M.R., Auburn

"Dr. Allen's bedside manner is reminiscent of days gone by. Unlike the norm in medical care today, I am NOT treated like a number and my care is not rushed. He's kind, caring and attentive. I feel reassured and confident that I'm getting the best health care for me." —Greg, Auburn

"My 6-year-old daughter had a fall at school and broke her elbow. It was very traumatic for her. We took her to our usual doctor and she had a cast on for several weeks. After the cast was off, she still had limited mobility, and she was very frustrated by it, as were we. On the suggestion of a friend, we went to see Dr. Allen. He manipulated her elbow in one visit and restored her full range of motion. I'm sure that if he didn't do that, she would have still have reduced mobility in that elbow." —Parent, Auburn

"One of the many gifts Dr. Allen shares with his patients is to listen. He asks very good questions and then listens to your reply with his full attention until I tell him the full story. I think this first step of deep listening gives him much more information about my situation than most doctors get in their quick interviews, and he uses that information to gently help my body heal itself." —E.K., Auburn


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